Holy Discontent, A Personal Testimony

This upcoming Tuesday, August 1, St. John's members Lacey and Pat Tauscher and their four children will be distributing gun safety locks for the second year at our local National Night Out event. And on Sunday we will be taking a break from our regular series to invite Lacey to share how God called their family to this mission after they experienced a holy discontent following the tragic and deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas back in May of 2022. In listening to God's voice through their own broken hearts, they felt led to ask the question, "What can we do here in our own community?" This question has not only opened doors of opportunity to serve others, but God has been changing their own hearts in the process as well. Their story and faithfulness has been an encouragement to me, and I know will be for you too.

Holy Discontent, A Personal Testimony
Pastor Tom De Groot