Steeple Raising

Building Hope!

Dear Church Family,
These are exciting times in life and ministry at St. John’s! By the time you are reading this, there should be a steeple raised high above Elkhorn atop our church building. This will serve as a visual reminder to all who see it that Jesus has called us, His Church, to be the light of the world.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14

As we shared at a special congregational gathering in March, our leaders have been meeting, praying and seeking God’s direction, asking the question: How can we as a church family continue to build the hope of Christ in our community and beyond for today as well as generations to come?

This discussion led to the vision behind the Building Hope capital campaign, a culmination of over two years of discernment surrounding our desire to be on the front-lines in meeting the deepest needs in our community… sharing the hope that is available to all people in Christ. The Building Hope vision is twofold:

1. Hire a Children and Family Ministry Director / Pastor (Full Time) – St. John’s and our greater community have both seen an increase in the number of families with youth and children. While our area is home to great schools, social activities and community resources, the church is the only organization called to invest the hope of God within the next generation.

A popular quote goes something like this, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Yet there should be a second part, “… it takes a church to raise a village.” A full time Children and Family Ministry Director / Pastor would help equip us to meet these needs in our community, as well as reach out to all generations (hence the term “family” in the title).

2. Building Improvements – Anyone who has spent time in our church building over the last two years has noticed significant transformations, repairs and improvements taking place. These projects have been completed almost entirely by volunteers, and all to improve our ability to house the increased activity taking place within the four walls of our facility.

We have reached a point where there are several needs that will require a more substantial investment, as well as professional outside help, to complete. Our hope is to maximize the ministry space we have been entrusted with for both current and future needs through modest improvements and greater accessibility.


Will you join us? This twofold vision is unique in that it cannot be achieved by a single person, but will instead require a family effort to bear fruit. Our community desperately needs to hear the message of hope as it is found in God through the love of Christ.

As we leap forward together in faith, please prayerfully consider this invitation to join in God’s work in this place. Through faith, we look ahead with excitement and anticipation toward a future of Building Hope together in Christ.

Building Hope in Christ,

Your Church Council – Don Jacobson, Ted Johnson, Karen Hall, Ivy Brellenthin, Kevin Monty, Carol Sabin,

Ed Scaro, Pam Ruhff and Pastor Tom De Groot
Important Links
Building Hope Funding Update
Total Amount Needed: $300,000
Amount Pledged: $172,263 (as of 9/10/17)
Amount Received: $132,804 (as of 9/10/17)


How Can I Help?

Remember, God has the power and ability to see His will for His church come to fruition. He desires to reach those who do not know Him far more than we do. Please pray…
– for our leaders, that they would make wise decisions;
– for our church family, that everyone would partner in this great effort, and;
– for our community, that they would come to know the hope of Christ through our efforts and sacrifice.
You are God’s chosen instrument to reach into the world and meet the needs of His people. Please consider partnering with this vision through making a financial commitment.
This can be done through a one-time gift, or regular weekly / monthly / annual gifts over the next three years. Any commitment should be separate from, and in addition to, regular ongoing giving to support the general budget.
partner pledge card can be picked up at the church or downloaded here, and can be submitted during the regular offering, by mail, or online.
Tell the world! Our most recent church t-shirts say, “I Love My Church”. Now it is time to share that love with the people around you! The most effective way to do so is to live a life of love for others. How did Jesus call us to be the “light of the world”?
“… let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16
Our desire is to be used by God to build hope in the people around us that do not yet know Jesus.